As Per Population Census 2017, Pakistan’s 68% Of Population Lives In Rural Areas Which Are Directly Or Indirectly Linked With Agriculture. It Contributes About 21% Of Our National GDP And Employs About 43% Of The Labor Force. These Rural Areas Are Facing Problem Of Agriculture Backwardness And Lack Of Modern Information About Farming. Backwardness Of Agriculture And The Illiteracy Of The Farmers Resulted Low Production Crops Yield Which Added Fuel To The Fire And Make The Stains Unreasonable Like Food Insecurity, Poverty, And Lack Of Opportunity. To Solve These Problems We Will Provide The Farmers Training Programs Which Will Boost Living Standards Of Our Farming Society.

Use Of Modern Techniques, Provision Of Credit Facilities, Basic Infrastructure And Agriculture Research Facilities Are Needed To Solve All The Problems Of Agriculture Sector. In Our Country Many Issues Faced By People In Agriculture. Lack Of Proper Guidance And Facilities Leads To Low Per Acre Yield Of Crops. It Becomes A Great Loss To The Farmers Individually As Well As At National Level.

We Provide Help And Teach The Useful Methods To The Illiterate Farmers That Which Type Of Fertilizers Good For The Fields. Without The Proper Help To The Farmers, They Cannot Improve Production.
As We Know That Trees Are Important Part Of Our Environment But Unfortunately We Are Facing Heavy Deforestation From Last Few Decades. Trees Are Not Just Important To The Human Environment; They Form The Basis For The Sustainability And Long-Term Health Of Environmental Systems. Our Project Initiates The “Green Pakistan” And Will Plant Tree Voluntary In Different Locations Of Cities. Free Plants Will Be Provided To People To Promote Theme Of “Green Pakistan”.

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